In the evening, South Lake Wetland wind and solar street China LED lighting lit up one after another. Automatic measuring devices control lighting based on time data intelligence, two batteries buried in the ground release the energy stored during the day.

Power savings add up every night, is not a small figure. Obviously, installing solar energy and solar hybrid street lighting with energysaving effect is obvious to save money. But why people only in a small suburban roads and streets to see this particular street it At present, the light and wind and solar street lights are still used in the experiment period. Although the light and wind and solar manufacturers have announced their products can use a longer time without failure, the battery using a few years later with replacement.

However, the actual use is not as the manufacturers say, mainly because current technology is not mature, and the State did not offer a unified standard for this type of lamp. According to reports, the city street construction and maintenance, mainly referring to highpressure sodium lamp and LED lights. In the city to promote wind and solar or solar lights is unlikely. The two lights on the installation location and environment requirements, which apply to open space, good lighting, windfoot area, the road between highrise buildings do not apply.

Effective use of wind and solar street light wind and solar energy and time on the complementary nature of both their power through the device, the energy stored in batteries to provide power for the light source. Solar hybrid street lighting for highway, no electricity mountain, village, regional parks and facilities, inadequate power grid. Either solar or wind and solar street lights, when the general had just installed lighting up the urban substandard roads, about a year will be reduced, the late stage is likely to reach the national road lighting standards, the basic brightness can not guarantee road safety more can not be guaranteed; the same time such lights from wind and solar energy, and green trees are likely to block the street the wind and sunlight, so read more the lights may not work properly.